It all started in March 1987. It is almost 30 years and when i look back i never regret for this turning point in my life when i graduated the university in English literature but somehow i didn't want to be a teacher. There was something inside me that wanted to express itself i was always fascinated by the colors of the earth, the stunning light of Greece, its incredible seas in all shades of blues and its magnificent skies. All these moved me since i was a child. I think that it was an inner power which pushed me to change life completely.

I didn't study jewelry. I started experimenting by myself. Murano glass, old African trade beads semi-precious stones crystals opened fascinating worlds towards me. In the beginning creations were more immature but every year they became more complicated.

It was the time i searched for the artisan metal work. You see Greece from the ancient times was famous for its goldsmiths. I was lucky enough to come across to one of the most talented ones. He taught me his art and he always makes the prototype of the design. All metals are cut by hand because we want them to have these little discrepancies that makes them unique, are hammered by hand polished and finally gold plated by hand. We use very light leafs of bronze so that the piece is light like feather but without losing its gravity.

This method creates an absolute fairy elegance plus ability of wearing each piece without feeling it creating a new collection derives from the materials we have chosen for each season. Travelling opened new horizons and i am really grateful for this. Different civilizations always give you new perspectives, fantastic images, new fresh ideas but above all, i think, that love for what you do is the greater inspiration of all. Simply scattered beads and metals may give me a divine idea for a whole collection and usually that's how it starts... every season, throw everything... on my table.


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